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The stories below highlight diversity-related research by Stanford scholars, from a range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives. In addition to these stories, you can find more information about ongoing research and scholarship by exploring Stanford research centers and academic programs dedicated to advancing understanding of gender, race, ethnicity, religious identity and other dimensions of human diversity.

Nov 17 2020 | Stanford Medicine | Posted In: Faculty, In the News, Research
Researchers found that Black and Hispanic people made up 58% of all patients hospitalized for COVID-19 and 53% of those who died from the disease.
Nov 17 2020 | Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence | Posted In: In the News, Research
Natural language processing reveals huge differences in how Texas history textbooks treat men, women, and people of color.
Nov 3 2020 | Stanford University Press Blog | Posted In: In the News, Research
Last month, Stanford University Press hosted an online discussion with Equity in Science  author Julie R. Posselt, Gibor Basri (UC Berkeley), and Natasha Warikoo (Tufts University). Because attendees of the talk posted more questions than could be answered in a short amount of time, we invited...
Oct 6 2020 | Stanford News | Posted In: Awards, Research
Monika Schleier-Smith was honored with a MacArthur Fellowship for her creative approach to studying many-particle quantum systems. Forrest Stuart's fellowship recognizes the human approach he brings to the study of disadvantaged, violent communities.
Sep 28 2020 | Stanford Medicine | Posted In: In the News, Research
In a nationally representative analysis of coronavirus antibodies, researchers also found high rates of infection among Black and Hispanic people, and in densely populated areas.