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People Spotlights

To me, diversity is the incredible power that comes from the contribution of an individual's own unique experiences to a larger group.
I am committed to making sure that all individuals understand the ups and downs of each member of this diverse group that is Stanford Biosciences.
Even among the Native students, every student is from a different tribe. The diversity is so rich at Stanford. It gives students the opportunity to learn so much from each other and expand their understanding of culture and people in ways that can't always be taught in a class.
Stanford faculty members share their breadth of life experiences and interests that fuel the dynamic learning environment on campus.
“The physical structures that make up the human anatomy are palpable. They can be taken in through the fingers, not just by sight.”
Looking back, Fischbach said she is grateful to have been surrounded by books and manuscripts, and by the students, scholars and colleagues who are passionate about them.
“I thought – this is what I am interested in,” she said. “I’m interested in the question of aesthetics as politics and the politics of aesthetics.”
Diversity has played a large role in my Stanford experience [and] has propelled me toward being an activist to maintain diversity at Stanford and beyond.
“I love the students,” he said. “I’m old, but hanging out with the students every Monday through Friday is the best. It keeps me young.”
My interest in cross-culture, cross-community relations developed into a passion that has motivated my work at Stanford and continues to drive my commitment to improving Middle East-West relations in my career.