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Revealing an Asian and Latinx America

Question from the 2010 census.

Photo by Spot Us. Via Flickr. No changes were made. CC BY-SA 2.0.
Mar 5 2020

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The 2020 census will show how the future minority-majority U.S. will depend on the connections of Latinxs and Asian Americans.

The 2020 census is upon us. The massive, once-a-decade operation to count the population of the U.S. will engulf American households in the coming weeks. As always the stakes of the census are much greater than numbers, but this year they are amplified by the proximity to the presidential election. The census is our nation’s mechanism for registering the transformations in the social landscape and constituencies of America. Over the next ten years, tough debates on how the nation should respond to its changes will build on the demographic story the census reveals. Distributions of political power and billions of dollars in resources are at stake.

With operations gearing up and no numbers ready to crunch yet, one outcome is already certain: the census will show the increasing centrality of Latinxs and Asian Americans to the U.S. Alongside those who identify as multiracial, they are the fastest growing racial/ethnic groups.