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Mar 16 2020 | Stanford Law School | Posted In: Dialogue, Faculty, Staff
Labor law expert Professor William Gould discusses the challenges facing workers during this time of national crisis – and the gaps in America’s safety net leaving many vulnerable.
Mar 12 2020 | Stanford News | Posted In: Dialogue, Faculty, Students
From listening to watching to learning, here are ways to access remote arts experiences.
Mar 5 2020 | Stanford University Press | Posted In: Research
The 2020 census will show how the future minority-majority U.S. will depend on the connections of Latinxs and Asian Americans.
Mar 2 2020 | Stanford News | Posted In: Dialogue, Initiatives, Students
Everyone loses when not all good ideas are heard – whether it’s missed perspectives, overlooked solutions or unanswered questions. That’s why more than a dozen programs at Stanford are supporting women in STEM fields.
Mar 2 2020 | Stanford Medicine | Posted In: Dialogue, Faculty, Research, Students
Women’s salaries trailed men’s in a national survey of department chairs at public medical schools, according to a survey by Stanford and UCSF researchers. The disparities cannot be explained by years on the job or academic productivity.