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Authenticity Can Help LGBTQ Leaders Be More Effective

Close up of a man in a suit with a rainbow tie
Image Credit: Reuters/Jonathan Ernst
Oct 4 2016

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Being open about who you are can help you succeed.

More than half of all people who are gay do not disclose their sexual identity at work, says the Human Rights Campaign, an advocacy group for the LGBTQ community.

Clearly, coming out still carries risk — even in 2016 — but so does staying in the closet, says J.D. Schramm, a lecturer at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Revealing one’s sexual identity on the job requires careful consideration, Schramm notes. But he says through his own experiences and as an observer that living life openly and honestly — what he calls “leading out loud” — has served him not only professionally, but also personally. He shared some of his insights in a recent webinar about communication strategies for LGBTQ leaders.