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Hana Al-Henaid

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A Stanford Biosciences PhD student, Sergio seeks to become a research and teaching professor, increase participation in science, and contribute to the diversity of the scientific community. 

I am the [former] President of the Muslim Student Awareness Network. We campaigned for a resource center on campus that would serve as an entry point for students who want to engage outside the classroom with the cultures and peoples of the Muslim world. Stanford administrators recognized this need and now The Markaz: Resource Center for Engagement with the Peoples and Cultures of the Muslim World [has opened]! Reaching out to the Stanford community and receiving such a warm response has impacted my time at Stanford and my understanding of what is possible for students to accomplish.

I was inspired to pursue Public Service because of the background I have as a Libyan American growing up in southern California. Through my public service studies and volunteer work at Stanford, I have begun research for a thesis regarding institutional responses to victims of sexual violence during the civil uprising in Libya that began in 2011. After graduating, I hope to go to law school and build a deep understanding of the legal frameworks that could be applied in Libya in order to protect the rights of the most disenfranchised people in the country.

Diversity means more than just the representation of people. As we connect more and are connected with the people around us, the work we are doing and lives we are living become stronger and revitalized.

Hana Al-Henaid, ‘14


Hana Al-Henaid